Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of April 8 2022 OARS Monthly Meeting

Call to Order:

Meeting was called to order at about 7 PM, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The meeting was held in-person and with remote attendees.

Meeting Minutes:

The March meeting minutes were read.  The minutes were accepted after motion and vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bennett provided the Club Treasurer’s report.  A check was written for the Mt. Ida Neighborhood Watch total balance of $971.00 and was provided to Lois Miller.  OARS is no longer financially connected to the Mt. Ida group.  Treasurer’s Report was accepted after motion and vote.

Old Business:

Fiesta Days Parade.  Event is on May 7.  Ron provided an update, and explained the parade route which is the same as in previous.  Location assignments along parade route were discussed for volunteers providing comms.  Parking locations were discussed.  Car show will not be held.  A chili cookoff is to be provided by local Fire Dept.  Jim Moll and KFBK announcer will co-host the parade.

Club Website.  Erik provided a status report and said that John Salmiery has been set up as a co-administrator for the website, for him to be able to assist with maintaining the site.  Erik reminded us to check the calendar for new events.

Club Breakfast.  Jim provided a reminder that the monthly breakfast will be at the Cornucopia on April 30.

New Business:

Wildflower Bike Ride.  Event is on April 24.  Ron explained the bike routes.  Start location is Chico Fairgrounds.  Volunteers for check points are still needed.  Contact Paul Stewart or Kathy Favor if you would like to volunteer.

GEARS Auction.  Dan stated that the auction is on May 21 at noon, at the Chico Masonic Center.

Jim discussed that he will be out of town April 8 thru 29.

Field Day.  Event will be discussed at next club meeting.

Joe brought in some free items from Herb Puckett’s estate.

Ron provided a reminder from Lois Miller regarding a Red Flag Warning through April 10.  Remember to “Live Prepared”, not “Scared”.


A video was presented on a “Potato Powered Radio” by Tom Medlin, W5KUB.  QST had an article on the radio.

Close of Meeting:

Meeting was adjourned at 8:18 PM.  The next OARS Club monthly meeting will be held on Friday May 13, 2022, 7 PM at St. Paul’s Parish Hall, 1430 Pine Street in Oroville.