Minutes of Last Meeting

November 9, 2018

OARS meeting notes

Meeting started at 7:05 PM

President Ted was working the fires. Vice President Joe Visalli took care of meeting. An amendment to the By Laws for tax status was approved.

Joe Herman corrected last meeting notes as Stan and I left at 8:00 PM not 7:00 PM.

Treasurer report 2400.00, 20.00 drawing,

Ron informed us that the parade was cancelled due to the fire in Paradise, ConCow and Magalia. Our treasurer Gerry V. was ask to leave his home and RV and is now staying with his son in Sacramento.

Larry Witcher ke6law lives in Magalia and also had to evacuate his home but got out in his motor home with his family.

Next parade is Parade of Lights December 8th, our meeting is on the 14ths so we need sign up for the parade of lights. He needs 6 volunteers.

Bob Oden is cold in Minnesota, working part time, and active in a radio club there.

It was decided that the Christmas dinner price will be $10.00 per person and club will pay the balance on each meal served.

Ron attended the Gears breakfast at the Farmers Skillet in Chico @ 9:00AM

Our breakfast will be Saturday November 24th at the Acorn in the Gold Country Casino upstairs to the left of the Buffett room.