Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of August 13 2021 Monthly OARS In Person and Virtual Meeting

Jim called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM and led the Flag Salute.

We had eleven in-person attendees, including one online attendee and one new visitor Ed.

Dan read the minutes for the July meeting. Minutes were accepted after motion was made and vote taken.

Bennett presented the Treasurer’s report as follows:

$60 was received into the club balance. OARS club current balance is $2,059.08.

Mt. Ida Neighborhood Watch GMRS fund balance is $971.00.

Treasurer’s Report was accepted after motion was made and vote taken.

Old Business:

Fiesta Days Parade is cancelled. Exchange Club will not be sponsoring the event this year. Next Fiesta Days Parade event will be scheduled in May 2022.

Veterans’ Day Parade is scheduled to take place on November 11 2021 as originally planned.

Jim provided an update on the Steak Bake event, and he suggested to table the idea of hosting the event. GEARS to host the event, and will choose a location in Chico. More details to be provided by Bennett.

Erik gave a update on status of the OARS website. Erik asked for any photos that could be used to update the website. Dan to send him minutes of July and August meetings.

Ron provided an update on Lois Johnson. She has returned from Oregon, after taking care of brother’s estate.

Ron provided an update on Sharry Hope. She is living in an assisted living facility in Reno, NV. Her recovery is going well. You can reach her via cell phone. Thank you Ron for updates.

OARS club monthly breakfast locations were considered. Table Mtn., Acorn, Waffle Shop, Cornucopia, and others were discussed. A vote was taken to choose location: Waffle Shop 0 votes, Cornucopia 6 votes, and Table Top 3 votes. Jim will contact Cornucopia to request reservation for back room. Next OARS club breakfast will take place on Saturday, August 28.

New Business:

Bennett discussed the 2021 QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, and described the event which includes virtual exhibition hall, various forums and technical presentations. Event dates were August 14 and 15, and admission fee for full access to Expo was $12.50.

Jim presented a Program that was posted on the QRZ.com website. The topic was Ham Radio Balloon Launch. The hydrogen-filled balloon which carried an APRS radio, various repeaters and a camera, reached an elevation of about 90,000 feet before bursting and returning to the ground with payload.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM

The next OARS regular meeting will be held on Friday September 10 2021, 7 pm at St. Paul’s Parish Hall, 1430 Pine Street in Oroville.

Meeting minutes submitted by Dan Leon