Minutes of Last Meeting

September Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 7:01

Members form the Glen County club set in to share information about their Steak Bake.

The minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

Bennett read the treasurers report; Balance $2,171.08

He has all of the paid out and brought in from the last month.

We had a discussion on the once a month breakfast locations. I express my upset with the Tabletop Restaurant as the owner was rude to me and my breakfast was horrible- uncooked eggs. This month we will meet at the Waffle Shop. We discussed looking into the Cornucopia, Gold Country Casino Cafe. Will continue to do every other month as we agreed on.

Kathy k6fav and Michaelk6fav -Favor with Gears attended our meeting and I suggested they check with their club members about joining us for Christmas Dinner.

Bob Wirths won the radio at the Sunday Sept. 8th Bake Sale.

Ron shared that Bob Hewlet from the exchange gave emergency grab and go list.

Reminder that the Veterans Day Parade is November 11th.

Brake at 8:00