Minutes of Last Meeting

Minutes of Jan 8 2021  Virtual Meeting 

Ted called the meeting to order and Jim led the Flag Salute.

Bennett gave the treasurers report as follows:
     Current Balance:    $2971.23 of which $946 is the Mt. Ida fund
     Annual dues are payable for $20.00 and can be mailed to him at:   2528 Sombra Ct., Yuba City, 95993
14 Members signed in:  Ted, Jim, Bill, Bennett, Ron, Cheyenne, Howard, Joe, David, Lyman, another Joe, Eric, Bob and Lois
New officers for 2021 are:   President: Jim
                                         Vice President:  Lyman
                                        Treasurer  Bennett
                                        Secretary, Lois
                                        Board members at large:  Cheyenne and Ron
President Jim expects all events will be canceled and meetings will continue to be remote this year.  The group approved paying $150 for a year of Zoom.
Ron wanted to know when the board meetings would be held, yet to be determine.
Bob Hewitt wanted  help making a presentation on ham radio to the Exchange Club and needs a speaker for about 10 minutes.  His # 530-521-2077
Bennett shared his slides of Quartz Fest which everyone enjoyed.
Next meeting on Friday, Feb. 12, 7:00 PM.
Submitted by Lois Johnson, Secretary