Frequencies for Local Digital Mode Operation

Band Plan for
Butte Local Digital-Mode Practice Frequencies Using FlDigi (and other non-packet modes)

Command Net: 147.105 +
Alt: 146.655 – Tone 136.5 Hz
Use this for voice coordinating digital operations on other bands.
2 Meter FM Digital: 145.500
Alt:  145.525, 145.565, 145.580
Misc. and experimental modes, so voice OK too here. Tune up using BPSK-31, then switch to BPSK-250, MFSK pix mode, or SSTV after you get a good waterfall report on psk-31.
1.25 Meter FM Digital
223.660    Packet keyboard-to-keyboard
10 Meter SSB Digital; 28.133 USB
Tune up use BPSK-31, then switch to MT63-1000, or MFSK-16, cross-band voice on 2, digital on 10.
10 Meter SSB Voice: 28.303 USB
Voice and MFSK pix-mode, cross-band voice on 10, digital on 2.
6 Meter operations: 50.303
All modes legal here, so stay on frequency and use voice, digital, and image.

If you want to experiment with the latest and greatest software please move to an alternate frequency and allow the beginners to keep practicing on the main frequencies!
Regular practice nets should be set up to give operators a chance to pass message traffic. For starters just call a friend and get on the air and get it working. Announce on the repeaters and you may stir up some new people to try it.

73, let’s see you in print!
De AF6EF Erik