Club Repeater and Other Machines

Repeater Move Update:

The W6AF Repeater is currently in the process of being moved to a new host location.  The new site will be moving from the Kelly Ridge area, to a location about 7 – 10 miles south of Kelly Ridge, in the foothills at about the 1460ft elevation.  The new site is expected to increase the footprint slightly.  The OARS group expects the new site to be back on the air as soon as possible.

* June 2024 update: Insulation, flooring, wall panels, ceiling panels, power outlets are all completed.  Equipment is all moved in.  Only steps left to complete is getting the antenna support put up along with the antenna.  We need to run the feedline as well, but once we get those steps completed, the repeater will be ready to get back on the air.  We hope it will be back up and running within the next 6 weeks if all goes as smooth as possible.

* Jan 2024 update: Power has been pulled to the shed.  Still need to wire breaker box, install insulation, put up tower/antenna, run feedline.  Once those last steps are done, the repeater should be ready to get back on the air.

* Oct 2023 update: Progress is being made on the move, still a couple small things to finish up, but we are getting closer every day.

The frequencies as well as the PL tone are expected to stay the same as what they have always been.

146.655 out, 146.055 in.  PL in and out is 136.5 Hz

Echolink node associated  with this repeater: 197558

IRLP Node: Will be located either at the new repeater site, or will be hosted somewhere close by.

442.175 MHz + Tone 123  IRLP Node 4311

KB6TR-3 APRS digi on 144.410  path thru digi = SWEDES

(will not repeat WIDE x-x)  This machine is intended for text messaging  and bulletins between ham stations in the Sacramento Valley.

Coming soon: Simplex repeater for SSTV and other digital sound-card modes.