Minutes of Last Meeting


May 11,2018

OARS Club Minutes

Meeting began @ 7:05 PM

Pledge of allegiance was said by all members.

Introductions were made by all members Jim Barnes is our newest member.

Treasurers report was given by Gerry Vroomman;

$150.00 Donation by Cranfield’s Widow,

$21.00 in collections

$119.95 $171.00 Deposit Balance $2,067.62

My figures are as close as I could get but if you want a more accurate one, check with Gerry.

Gerry spoke about the Tax information, should file as soon as possible, last time filed 2010 tax exempt.

Fiesta Days start at 9:30 instead of 10:00 due to get the parade down town .48 entries this year.

Ron had enough people to work the parade-Daniel & David last minute volunteers. 5th and Mitchell

starting place of parade. Remember you are not police if there are any problems call net control.

Field Day; Bennett, Ted and I’m not sure who else will be on the radios.

Harold will talk to the people about location and in the past we gave the Flying Club $100.00 for

using their area. It was voted on and passed.

Antennas, Bennett, Ted-Friday night k5 5 band set up Ted.

New business; May 26th, breakfast @ Table Top Mountain. Discussion mad on to made in June.

Non Profit status; Address for Club propose P.O. Box for Club, $120.00 a year. Jim’s licenses is

why we have the one.

Papers needed for getting our status straightened out, IRS tax ID, tax returns not known, Original

Constitution, latest constitution, amendments 2010,organazion documents. Club was formed (1961)-

2007 reconstitution, documents for some years. Trying to furnish IRS with as much information as


Ron spoke about club assets to be donated at time of desolation. Donate to Charity with name Aires ARRL

Must be a recognizable organization.

Disbursing Assets, no cash value-equipment.

Gerry to send me inventory of what we have. Motion to vote on Club Assets next meeting.

Bylaw changes 2 months.

Proposal next month, voting in July.