Minutes of Last Meeting


January 12, 2018

Ted was sick to night, Joe Visalli our vice president filled in. The group to night is small due to weather and sick ones. 19 members present.

Ted is sick but still came in with supplies, in his P J’s and robe.

Meeting started at 7: 06 PM. Minutes were read.

Treasury report was read an approved.

Joe gave treasurer a check for $200 for liability

Paid out, $100 for party, $50.00 to Marilyn Meadows, $765.00 for dinner.

Christmas party dinner expenses

728 dollars, $370, $418.00 dinner by club.

12-1- 2018 in bank account, $2,188.41

12-31-2018 bank account, $1104,71

These figures may not be a correct.

Mailbox and do and of many $84.00

Move to accept report

Eric arrived at 7:20 PM

Ron reported on parade planning for parade in may, will be on May 12 which is a Saturday.

State theatre trying to restore pipe organ. Hopefully to get that up in April. Durance is involved.

Jim Mall is working on the stage.

Wild flower bike ride and of April. Ron cannot access club calendar.

Tax exception must maintain, part 97, $400. 2010 IRS forced annual extension grace period sent a letter for two years, $100.00.

Do we have to renew? Try to reinstate, will be $400 no matter what. Must do it for part 97.

w6af club license could be lost FCC requirements 1967 club license

We’ll call IRS. Naylor renewal to the question move to have treasure check into it. Howard second motion assistant treasurer will report what happened. (Bennett).

We do have about $1,500 in account.

Eric reported on Wednesday his brother, Jeff made the website more secure. His fee is $100.00 to maintain our web site and would like to change his fee to become a member. Eric wants an antenna party for Jeff. we need more information and then think about spring.

Our roster & by laws user name is QSL73. I need more information on this as I missed it in my notes. Eric will be working on calendar linked to Google Calendar, will sink. in with personal calendar if you use Google calendar. He is also working with face book.