Local Repeaters

Amateur Repeaters

2 Meters, 1.25 Meters & 70 Centimeters


Butte, Yuba-Sutter, Colusa, Glen, Lake, Mendocino, Tehama, Shasta, Plumas, Nevada Counties

City Call Frequency Offset Tone Comments
Oroville W6AF 146.655 136.5 Kelly Ridge, echo link connection to Bay Area
Oroville WA6UHF 442.350 + 110.9 Bloomer Mt., 15 Watts
Chico GEARS 146.850 110.9 Has IRLP node for members
Oroville WA6UHF 224.500 110.9 Bloomer Mtn., 15 Watts
Chico WA6UHF 224.280 110.9 Cohasset Ridge
Chico N6YCK 224.360 110.9 Cohasset Ridge
Forest Ranch N6TZG 147.975 110.9
Chico W6SCR 145.290 110.9 Butte County Sheriff’s Communications Reserve
Bloomer Mtn. linked to K6FHL
K6FHL 146.700 110.9 Covers Feather River Canyon, Oroville (linked to W6SCR)
Sutter Buttes WD6AXM 146.085 + 127.3
Yuba City W6GNO 224.960 100.0  low level, local coverage
Yuba City K6JSI 147.330 + 123.0 WIN System temporarily at Ron’s house elev. 2200ft
Willows 147.105 + 100.0 Marysville to Redding/ Up into canyons of Butte County
Dyer Mountain KF6CCP 145.370 123.0 Almanor
Covelo WB6TCS 147.210 + 103.5 Linked to Oakland and Willits 147.210 also.
Grass Valley W6DD 147.285 + 151.4 NCARC
Grass Valley KF6GLZ 224.480 131.8
Quincy KR6G 145.470 123.0 Plumas OES Covers upper Feather River Canyon and Quincy area
Quincy AF6AP 147.945 123.0 Claremont Peak, 7000 ft, SW of Quincy
Berryessa KE6YUV 146.970 123.0 BARK also has packet node
?? N6YCK 224.800 110.9


Essential Skills Setting Up Any VHF/UHF FM Amateur Radio Transceiver

Two meter FM is the backbone of all local amateur radio networking. If you cannot do these things with proficiency, you will be a hindrance, not a help with communications!


  • Adjust Squelch level (For many handheld radios this is a menu, not a knob.)
  • Adjust Power output level
  • Monitor input frequency of a repeater to see if simplex can be used between stations.
  • In VFO mode, know how to enter frequency, offset, and PL tone.


  • Set up a memory bank with all local repeaters
  • Set up a memory bank with all approved local simplex frequencies.
  • If radio has extended receive coverage, set up memory bank with local emergency dispatch frequencies.
  • Know how to set your radio up for a dual watch or priority watch on two channels, so you can listen to an active channel, but don’t miss a call on your assigned simplex channel. That way if net control wants you to stay on a certain channel, you’ll be there, even if you get bored and go listening to some other channel.